SEO Services: The Brutal Truth And 4 Things To Look For In A Firm


Right now you have great plans for your websites and blogs. Your goal at the end of the day is to have a firm that can get your those results. The traffic, the conversion and the sales. But wait a minute…..

Finding the right firms is a puzzle. Every firm will boost of how they can get you heavens. Only to fall short of your expectations. And this problem only happens to amateurs. So my guide today is to show you the right way you can screen these firms and get the best results.

But I will be doing a great disservice to you if I never told you…..

The Brutal Truth About SEO-What it is and What It Is Not.

When hiring this these firms, let no firm cheat you that you can expect to rank no. 1 on google. That’s great lie. SEO takes time. Also, If you are targeting money keyword or keywords with great purchase intent. Hey, you are in trouble. Why….

Big brands dominates the first page and out ranking them is not easy.

Second, Google’s first page returns less product and service page. But, they shift their focus to more articles and other forms of content. So what does this mean to you? Should you hire SEO firms or not……

The best solution to get instant results is to pay for it. I am talking of buying ads or creating valuable, engaging content. There is no shortcut. Now let us look at, 4 most important tips when hiring an SEO firm.

Create A Goal-The Best Way To Do It.

Product creators and service providers have lost thousands of dollars. And that is because they thought, the firms they hired will figure out everything. Wrong!!! You have to sit down….

… And figure what out the following questions. What do you really want to achieve with your site? Are you looking for more traffic? Do you want to boost your online presence? Do you want to increase your sales? Or do you want to increase the ranking of your websites. Point to note. Just asking yourself these questions is not enough…

You must identify the best way to measure these results. For Instance. How many visitors do you expect your site to get two or three months from now? How many sales do you expect to get per month? At least have an average sales goal for your site.

If it’s about ranking. First, assess where your website is currently ranking now. Then figure out where you expect your site to be three months later. After having a clear, definite goal its time for…

Screening Them With These Vital Questions

It is the duty for every firm that you contact to impress you with their response. They should make you feel satisfied and confident about hiring them. If in case you have any doubts about them just drop them.

So here is what you should find out.

First, find out the experience they’ve had with other clients. Ask them whom have they worked for in the past. What did those clients need and what did they achieve? Let them not just say it, they should show you. By taking you to their relevant website. And the other questions to ask is… How long did it take them to achieve the results?

Second. See whether they are familiar with Panda and Penguin staff. They should know what key factors Google is using to rank sites today. What is working and what is not working. They should have a wealth of information about Google Search Algorithms.

Third. Ask them about their team. For example, who will be creating your content? It must be a somebody who is an experienced copywriter not just any amateur. You can also go on and ask about their credentials. This is just to have a feel about the person handling the core important part of SEO.

Let Them Demostrate To You Their Plan.

Just explain what you need. What your site does. And let them break down everything for you. Now here is what I want you to keep in mind. A good SEO service should entail four key areas. Which they you should handle in their proposal.

First, link building strategy. With clear focus on getting links from high ranking sites on Google. Their focus should be to provide you with quality not quantity.

Second, social media optimizations. Your site should be optimized for social search. It should be on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus And YouTube. They should have a goal of making sure your site or blog is everywhere where people are.

Third, content marketing strategy. This is well explanatory. They must show you their editorial structure that they have in place for your site.

Fourth, tracking and reporting. They must show you when you should expect results. And how they are going to measure the results. They must show you your Return On Investment (ROI).

Get Several SEO service providers (And Repeat The Same Process)

Don’t just settle for one provider. Get like 10 on board. And you should do this in secret. Give a chance to everyone and see how they can impress you. Take notes on each person’s proposal. And go home to choose the winning bidder.

Following these four tips are the best use of your time and avoiding crappy SEO firms. That will eat your pocket with no results. But here is what i want you to do. Regarding what you want, you should ask more questions so that you are confident about any firm. If you have any doubts about what they are saying, just look for another provider.


3 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency

Thinking about hiring an SEO expert? Right now, businesses of all sizes are faced with the issue of hiring a professional SEO company, or trying their very best to learn the best SEO tactics by themselves. While there certainly are other ways to promote a website, most web users would prefer using Google and other search engines in order to find the information, service, or product they need. Hence, it’s important to have an online presence, and an SEO professional can help you with that. So why should you hire an SEO agency? Here are a few good reasons why:

  1. It will take time – a lot of it
    One of the most important things you should know about SEO is that it is not an overnight strategy. It actually takes a lot of time just to achieve the results you need. An effective SEO strategy is something which should be properly nurtured over time. You might be able to pull off a great SEO strategy in place, but the fact remains that it will still require consistent effort in order to get it right.
    A professional SEO agency knows very well about how search engine works along with their algorithms’ nature. With this knowledge, they can be able to make effective strategies in order to increase your ranking. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need to study how search engines work along with their algorithms. And despite a thorough study and analysis, it will still require a lot of your time. With an SEO company, you won’t have to go through such trouble.
  2. You can benefit from quality work
    Considering that SEO companies are well-versed in terms of search engine optimization, you could expect to benefit from their professional and quality service. A professional company would have already implemented systems and processes which are necessary for promoting their clients’ website. You can also expect to get regular updates and reports regarding the progress of your project. Once the SEO work is completed, you should expect to receive a detailed and comprehensive report which describes the work done along with any improvements in your ranking. Also, you can expect the people who will be working on your SEO project to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field of search engine optimization.
  3. You don’t have to worry about being blacklisted
    In most cases, people tend to be discouraged by their site’s ranking that they are tempted to use black hat techniques in an attempt to take the quick road to success. While in some cases this will allow you to get on top within a very short period of time, it’s not guaranteed that it will allow you to stay in there. In fact, the use of such techniques will only cost your business dearly – in worst case scenarios, your website will be blacklisted and will never appear again in the rankings. There are tons of black hat SEO techniques which you should avoid at all costs. Some of them are text cloaking, keyword stuffing, spamming, and doorway pages.
    A professional SEO agency is fully aware of the consequences of using black hat techniques. Instead, they will build your rank naturally and will stick to proper SEO ethics and guidelines. If you try to carry out SEO on your own, chances are you will end up using black hat SEO techniques without even knowing it.